God's Grand Story
by James Wakefield, PhD
Chapter 1 Comments

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February 26, 2012
Yvonne K in West Valley City, UT

Chapter 1: Introduction - found 1 orphan word, but otherwise, I love it! I found it was easy reading, spelled out what you are planning to do, and I really appreciate the footnotes. Go James!

October 6, 2012
John F in Boise, ID

Last night I found my self 'in a funk' sharing with my wife that I was feeling that everyone else I know was 'read in', they were taught the rules, they are 'in on it' but that for some unknown reason I wasn't. The relationship between the Story and my life seemed to be missing, if there is one... That's a tough feeling to find a place for in any story. The next day, as I reflected on that experience, I was reminded that my heart's deepest desire is to be constantly led thru life by the quiet, even imperceptable, nudges of the Spirit of God, much like a horse is by an exceptional rider. The downside to that kind of life is that the guidance is so subtle, so light, so ephemeral that not only does it not feel very real, it leaves life feeling out of control, even as random and pointless as the simple experience of being blown about by the vagaries of life rather than God.
From James (October 7, 2012)
Thanks, John. I think many readers will value this reminder of God’s gentle guidance. The horse analogy only works if both the rider and the horse are exceptional... :) Peace!

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